Flushmate® Pressure-Assist
Change-Out Kits

IMPORTANT. You can upgrade the following systems to Flushmate.
The kit includes everything you need to make the conversion.

Upgrade Kits
Tank View
Flushmate 503 Series
OEM Equipped Toilets for the following tanks:
Tank View Competitor
PF/2 150-403
Tank View
EcoFlush B8100 & B8106
M-101526-F3CK Crane 3612 Crane 3612NS
M-101526-F3EK Eljer 141-7000  
M-101526-F3PK Peerless 1  
M-101526-F3HGK   Gerber DF28-380
M-101526-F3HMK   Mansfield 119

Each Kit Contains:

  • Flushmate System
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Wrench
  • Flush Handle
  • Owner's Manual

Advantages of the
Flushmate upgrade

  • Millions of Flushmates sold
  • Proven technology with
    25 years of experience
  • Field-Tested, Plumber-Approved
Kit Parts with PV

To find out more, call 800-875-9116 or go to www.flushmate.com
for more information on Flushmate Pressure-Assist Change-Out Kits.

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