Discontinuation of the FLUSHMATE® II, 501-B Series

Effective November 15, 2013


Q. Why is FLUSHMATE discontinuing the FLUSHMATE II, 501-B Series?
A. FLUSHMATE is experiencing a declining market for the 501-B Series and in an effort to consolidate our product mix we found it necessary to discontinue this series.

Q. How are your customers going to be inconvenienced?
A. Those customers with a two-piece toilet with a center push-button in the toilet tank lid should experience no inconvenience. Customers with a two-piece toilet with a flush handle may experience a slight disruption in service during the month of December 2013 waiting for a replacements system to be made available in early January 2014.

There are a small percentage of customers with a one-piece toilet for which only replacement parts will be available.

Q. How does the FLUSHMATE III, 503 Series work with these older toilets?
A. FLUSHMATE has tested the performance of these old fixtures using many different bowls and have observed the same flush performance as the 501-B Series. As for installing the system, the 503 Series installs in the same manner as the original system.

Q. How does the servicing/troubleshooting compare?
A. The two systems are virtually the same so is the servicing/troubleshooting.

Series 501-B
Series 501-B
Series 503
Series 503


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