Product Support

This section is devoted to support your continued use of the Flushmate® Operating System. It contains information on installation, removal, maintenance, and service, including identification of parts should you need them. You'll also find videos to guide you in your use of our products.

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Thank you for purchasing Flushmate.

This is what our customers are saying about the Flushmate system:

"I love how this system "takes it down" and the sound is very satisfying, too! I loved my Gerber with the FLUSHMATE III for 10 years, 2 months & 10 days. So much, that when I sold my last house, I took it with me and installed a cheapie toilet."

Michael G. - San Jose, CA

"Thank you very much for your detailed answers. It is hugely frustrating to deal with the tech support and customer service that most companies have -- people who follow flow charts, read from the same brochures that are already on the web, and have no technical understanding or aptitude."

"It is not only highly satisfying, but creates a very positive impression of your company that I can reach someone who is intelligent and knowledgeable."

"Such customer attention is not only professional and helpful, but does pay off in the long run."

Adam L. - Portland, OR

"I have owned two FLUSHMATE toilets for almost four years. I had a problem with one flushing and with both on the handle assembly. I e-mailed FLUSHMATE, received an acknowledgment almost immediately and within three hours had a complete e-mailed answer with a request to call them. I called, we diagnosed, and they sent me a replacement part immediately. It arrived within two days and I installed it, problem solved. The handle assembly problem was not theirs but they gave me the toll free number to call to get those free replacement parts. That was taken care of also."


Robert B. - Queensbury, NY

"I discovered that the installation instructions were so adequate it was easy to make the decision to do it myself. Despite the fact that I’m 82 years old, the actual job of removing the old FLUSHMATE and putting in the new one was relatively simple. When the job was complete and ready to be tested, the tank filled with water and air and flushed perfectly. No adjustments were required and no leaks were encountered."

"The money I saved doing the job myself motivated my helpful wife and me to go out to dinner and celebrate."

"We are indebted to FLUSHMATE in promptly supplying the replacement and for the prompt delivery and very good installation instructions. Thanks very much. ."

Gil S. - Clementon, NJ