Replacement Systems for Obsolete Series

Obsolete Flushmate Series:

200 Series
200 Series
500 Series
500 Series
501 Series
501 Series
501-A Series
501-A Series
501-B Series
501-B Series

Flushmate is dedicated to offering its customers the highest level of customer service on all Flushmate products. Even though your current Series unit may not be available chances are Flushmate still offers a replacement System for your toilet.

Customers that own a two-piece toilet with a center pushbutton in the toilet tank lid will have the option of replacing the obsolete unit with the Flushmate 503 Series, part number M-101526-F3B. Those customers with a two-piece toilet with a left or right handed flush handle may replace their unit with a Flushmate 503 Series, part number M-101526-F3BK.

Listed below are the various toilet manufacturer tank numbers and the replacement system part number based on how the toilet is flushed.

North America
Manufacturer Toilet Type Tank Model # Center
Left or Right Flush Handle Replacement Part #
American Standard 2-pc 4086 Yes M-101526-F3B
2-pc 4086   Yes M-101526-F3BK
1-pc 2042 Yes   M-102540-F38
1-pc 2061   Yes No Replacement Available
Briggs 2-pc 4900 Yes   M-101526-F3B
1-pc 6090 Yes   No Replacement Available
Crane 2-pc 3-615 Yes   M-101526-F3B
1-pc 3-600 Yes   No Replacment Available
2-pc 3-616   Yes M-101526-F3BK
2-pc 3-617   Yes M-101526-F3BK
Eljer 2-pc 141-7000
with 501A and 501B Series
  Yes M-101526-F3BK
Gerber 2-pc 28-390 Yes   M-101526-F3B
2-pc 28-390   Yes M-101526-F3BK
Kohler 2-pc 4413   Yes M-101526-F3BK
Mansfield 2-pc 1 Yes   M-101526-F3B
2-pc 1   Yes M-101526-F3BK
Orion 2-pc Turbo-Orion Yes   M-101526-F3B
Universal Rundle 2-pc 4462 Yes   M-101526-F3B
2-pc 4462   Yes M-101526-F3BK
Manufacturer Toilet Type Tank Model # Center
Left or Right Flush Handle Replacement Part #
Corona 1-pc 30633 Yes   M-102540-F38
Laufen 1-pc na Yes   No Replacement Available

If your toilet tank model is not listed please call Flushmate Consumer Services Department at 800-533-3450.

Repair parts for previously discontinued (500, 501, 501-A, and 501-B) series, including one-piece toilets will still be available. Replacements and repair parts will not be available for the 200 Series units.

Customers can check with their local parts dealers or contractors on the available inventory of the remaining Flushmate II, 501-B Series units by clicking on the “Where to Buy” section.

Two-Piece With Center Push-button
Toilet tanks equipped with center push-button attached to toilet tank lid.
Two-Piece With Side Lever
Toilet tanks equipped with flush handle (either left hand or right hand)

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