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  • Report confirms advantages of FLUSHMATE® are well above significant
  • FLUSHMATE® celebrates 25 years as a leader in water savings technologies
  • Report confirms advantages of FLUSHMATE®
  • FLUSHMATE’S redesigned flush-valve cartridge provides quiter actuation and less handle torque
  • New INTELLI-FLUSH™ automatic flushing system for FLUSHMATE® provides touchless flushing for industry-leading pressure-assist toilet system
  • Why Pressure Assist Really IS Better
  • Next generation FLUSHMATE® pressure-assist system for toilets offers slimmer vessel, quieter flushing cycle, smoother actuation.
  • FLUSHMATE®-equipped toilets ranked high in overall performance by consumer reports and MaP testing program
  • College cuts toilet-related maintenance calls by over 50% with FLUSHMATE® pressure-assist toilets.
  • Independent survey demonstrates pressure-assist technology is the real solution to poor low consumption toilet performance.
  • College cuts water usage by 25% per month with FLUSHMATE® pressure-assist toilets.
  • Pressure-assist technology helps toilets deliver performance consumers want ... technology rated #1 by consumers and consumer publications.
  • Sloan Valve Company's FLUSHMATE® Division receives ASPE Award for technological breakthrough in pressure-assist toilet flush design.
  • Survey finds those 'New' toilets do hold water.
  • FLUSHMATE® unveils FLUSHMATE IV, a quietly superior 1-Gallon pressure-assist operating system
  • Upsell sales kit makes informing customers about advantages of 1.6 pressure-assist toilets simple and easy for contractors and wholesalers.