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Why Pressure Assist Really IS Better

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Why Pressure Assist Really IS Better

Consistency in performance is the sign of a professional. As a technology, pressure-assist toilets demonstrate such consistency and have become the choice of homeowners AND commercial building owners throughout the country. Here's why.

Repeatable Flush Curves. Every time the pressure-assist unit is flushed, it delivers a consistent flush curve. Ultimately, this leads to a cleaner bowl and a superior drainline carry.

Simpler Bowl Designs. Pressure-assist equipped toilet systems are designed to have simple trapways that expand to as much as 5-inches at critical points, thus reducing the access points for traveling waste. Minimizing access points has several advantages, including enhancing waste transfer rates, clearing the bowl quickly and efficiently.

Cleaner Bowls. Maintenance personnel especially appreciate pressure because the toilet tank will not sweat, and because of the bowl's larger water surface area, reducing cleaning.

Aesthetics. On certain projects, having a tank-type toilet with the performance capability of a commercial flushometer valve is very desirable. Nursing homes, for example, have used tank-type toilets to modify their institutional appearance for years. Virtually every manufacturer of toilets carries a line of pressure-assist models for this very purpose of achieving a modern, homier appearance in the bathroom.

Drainline Carry. In today's plumbing environment, engineers have found that drainline carry is an important consideration considering the low consumption mandates in effect. The discharge profiles of a pressure-assist bowl indicate less water BEFORE the waste, and more water AFTER the waste. This means more water is BEHIND the waste at a higher GPM, resulting in pressure-assist having better drainline characteristics.

Fewer Moving Parts. Pressure-assist equipped toilets use fewer moving parts, so less can go wrong.

True Water Conservation. Last but not least, the low-consumption toilet effort is all about saving water without losing performance. Pressure-assist technology is the logical extension of this concept. Some examples where pressure-assist toilets are already in use include:

Retail Stores
Light Commercial Projects (office buildings with limited public access)
Hotels and Motels
Extended living (including retirement homes)
Public Housing Projects
Religious Facilities

Pressure flushing technology, through independent testing, has been proven to reduce clogging, double flushing, and is the preferred technology by consumers because pressure delivers consistent performance. If the fixtures do not perform, then the engineer has not done his or her job. With pressure-assist technology, the engineer now has a clear, better alternative to offer clients.

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