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Sloan Valve Company's FLUSHMATE® Division receives ASPE Award for technological breakthrough in pressure-assist toilet flush design.

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Franklin Park, IL –The FLUSHMATE® Division of Sloan Valve Company was awarded the ASPE Industry Award for Outstanding Service to the Advancement of Plumbing Engineering Technology, according to Stanley Wolfson, Executive Director of ASPE. The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) presents the award once every two years to the company that best promotes the advancement of the plumbing industry.

"This award is based on the evaluation of the Board of Directors of ASPE whose criteria is technological advancement in plumbing," Wolfson explained. "FLUSHMATE received the ASPE award for its contribution to water-saving pressure-assisted toilet flushing design."

"This is an honor for our FLUSHMATE division," says Charles S. Allen, President of Sloan Valve Company. "There are over 350 million toilets in the USA alone, and billions of gallons of water are needlessly flushed away each day. Receiving the ASPE award is a testimony to our efforts toward creating water-saving systems that help consumers save money and conserve water without sacrificing performance."

Allen points out that manufacturers of toilets that incorporate FLUSHMATE technology share in the recognition that the ASPE award signifies. "FLUSHMATE technology is used by all of the major toilet manufacturers in the United States," Allen says. Current manufacturers utilizing FLUSHMATE technology include: American Standard, Gerber, Kohler, Mansfield and St. Thomas Creations in the United States, Mancesa and Corona in South America, and HCG in Asia.

The result of combining FLUSHMATE technology with advanced fixture design offers significant advantages. For example, unlike traditional gravity-fed designs, which rely on siphon action, FLUSHMATE uses water supply line pressure to eliminate clogging, double flushing and provide unmatched drainline carry.

"And in an age where water conservation is becoming increasingly important, using FLUSHMATE technology is, perhaps, one of the single-best ways individuals and communities have of achieving a natural water conservation goal," Allen explains. He points out that a recent study by the City of Phoenix Water Services Department, which was based on monitoring of household water use and on customer response to a survey, demonstrated that every pressurized toilet rated in the survey was given a rating of 5, the highest rating. "That, plus all the other third-party endorsements like the NAHB evaluation of pressure-assist models as most effective for homes is an amazing testimony to the effectiveness of pressure-flush technology and its sustainability to conserve water," he added.

FLUSHMATE Operating Systems are manufactured by FLUSHMATE, producer of pressurized flushing devices. FLUSHMATE is a division of Sloan Valve Company headquartered in Franklin Park, IL. Sloan has been in operation since 1906, and produces plumbing products for commercial, industrial, and institutional markets worldwide.

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For more information about FLUSHMATE, contact: Sloan FLUSHMATE Division, 10500 Seymour Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131. Phone: 800-580-7141 US or Canada or 847-671-4300 International or visit FLUSHMATE at