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College cuts toilet-related maintenance calls by over 50% with FLUSHMATE® pressure-assist toilets.

Contact: Paul DeBoo (847) 671-4300 or James Nowakowski (847)358-4848

Franklin Park, IL - By replacing 80 of its 269 gravity-flush toilets with FLUSHMATE pressure-assist toilets two years ago, Cedarville College, Cedarville, OH, was able to reduce the number of toilet-related maintenance calls it received from dorms and other buildings on campus by more than 50%.

"A few months after the first pressure-assist units were installed I began to realize what an impact these new toilets were having on our facilities... and our students. They loved them!" said Paul Mitchell, plumbing supervisor for Cedarville College. Both gravity and pressure-assist low-consumption toilets use 1.6 gallons-per-flush of water, but FLUSHMATE pressure-assist technology uses a powerful force to effectively push contents out of the bowl instead of relying on the slower pulling action of gravity.

"Students who lived in dorms with gravity-flush toilets had seen the new pressure-assist toilets in other bathrooms on campus. They began e-mailing me to request that I install what they called ^turbo toilets^ in their bathrooms," explained Mitchell. He reviewed past work orders and found that in 1996, there were 149 ^nuisance calls^ made to his maintenance department and 44 work orders for blocked toilets.

By 1998, after 80 gravity toilets had been replaced, uisance calls had dropped 54% and blocked calls were down 59%. But the most impressive statistic Mitchell found was that all of the calls in 1998 were for gravity toilets. "In the buildings where we installed the Gerber toilets with FLUSHMATE inside, uisance and blocked calls dropped to zero!"

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For more information about FLUSHMATE, contact: Sloan FLUSHMATE Division, 10500 Seymour Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131. Phone: 800-580-7141 US or Canada or 847-671-4300 International or visit FLUSHMATE at