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Report confirms advantages of FLUSHMATE®

Paul DeBoo (847) 671-4300 or James Nowakowski (847) 358-4848

FRANKLIN PARK, IL - A new report confirms what FLUSHMATE® customers have known all along — the installation of pressure-assist toilets with FLUSHMATE flushing systems can save thousands of dollars while significantly boosting overall water efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Veritec Consulting, Inc. and Koeller & Company, known for their independant research of residential and commercial flushing products, found that FLUSHMATEpressure-assist systems made a significant impact on water usage at the Parc 55 Union Square Hotel in San Francisco. FLUSHMATE systems were installed as part of the hotel's program to replace aging fixtures.

In their 10-page report titled "Evaluation of Water Use Reduction Achieved through Hotel Guest Room Toilet Fixture Replacement," Veritec and Koeller explain that the hotel began replacing all 1,030 of its 3.5 gallon-per-flush (gpf) gravity fed toilet fixtures in 2007, with project completion in late 2008. They found that after the systems were replaced, monthly water consumption fell from 3.52 million gallons to 2.59 million gallons.

The study also found that both the number of maintenance calls, as well as average time spent on a maintenance call, fell about 50%.

Water consumption has dropped by an average of 29 gallons per fixture per day, which results in a water bill reduction of $170,000 a year for the hotel.

"We are not surprised by these findings; they simply reiterate the fact that installing FLUSHMATE systems often results in significant water efficiency and cost reductions," said FLUSHMATE Director of Sales and Marketing Paul DeBoo. "The number of toilets at the Parc 55 hotel helps illustrate how profound the impact of FLUSHMATE pressure assist systems can be on a hotel's bottom line. These toilets with FLUSHMATE inside literally pay for themselves several times over during their use."

To download a copy of the report, visit or call 1-800-580-7141.

FLUSHMATE, headquartered in New Hudson, Mich., manufactures FLUSHMATE Operating Systems at its state of the art design and manufacturing facility and has been ISO-9001 certified since 1994. FLUSHMATE is a division of Sloan Valve Company in Franklin Park, Ill. Sloan has been in operation since 1906 and produces plumbing products for commercial, industrial, and institutional markets worldwide.