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Report confirms advantages of FLUSHMATE® are well above significant

Paul DeBoo, (847) 233-5022 or James Nowakowski, (847) 358-4848

NEW HUDSON, MI – A new report confirms that pressure-assist toilets with FLUSHMATE® inside not only save more water but significantly reduce maintenance.

Koeller & Company and Veritec Consulting, Inc., known for their independent research of residential and commercial flushing products, found that FLUSHMATE pressure-assist systems contributed to higher than expected water savings and significantly reduced service calls at the Mendelsohn House, an apartment complex in San Francisco. New toilets with FLUSHMATE inside were installed as part of a program to replace the older original fixtures that have been in the bathrooms for approximately 22 years, intended to consume an average of 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf).

In their 7-page report titled “Evaluation of Water Use Reduction Achieved through Residential Toilet Fixture Replacement,” this independent third -party firm explains that the apartment complex began replacing 192 of its 3.5 gpf gravity fed toilet fixtures in April, 2010, with two different Kohler two-piece 1.0 gpf (3.8 litres) per flush pressure-assist fixtures equipped with the FLUSHMATE IV® system: the Kohler K-3519 Highline Pressure Lite (K-4304 bowl and K-4484 tank) and the Kohler K-3531 Wellworth Pressure Lite (K-4303 bowl and K-4484 tank). The project was completed in May, 2010.

They monitored the site for a 12-month period after the fixtures were replaced. Quarterly average water consumption fell from 2.6 million gallons to 1.6 million gallons, approximately 4 million gallons per year, resulting in a water bill reduction of about $328,000 a year for the apartment complex, and a 12-month ROI.

The study also recorded number of maintenance calls and average time consumed on maintenance issues over the same time period. Equally impressive was the 93% decrease in service calls. The report attributes this reduction to the improved flush performance and fixture reliability — fixture adjustments and parts replacements, leakage and overflows, double-flushing due to performance issues — and the elimination of frequent repairs.

“We are thrilled by this study, but not surprised. FLUSHMATE systems result in significant water efficiency that reduces maintenance and operating costs. These findings prove what our customers know — that FLUSHMATE equipped toilets are the better solution,” said FLUSHMATE Director of Sales and Marketing Paul DeBoo. “These results illustrate how profound the impact of FLUSHMATE pressureassist systems can be on a bottom line. Toilets with FLUSHMATE inside literally pay for themselves several times over during their use.”

To download a copy of the report, visit or call 1-800-580-7141.

FLUSHMATE, headquartered in New Hudson, Mich., manufactures FLUSHMATE Operating Systems at its state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility and has been ISO-9001 certified since 1994. FLUSHMATE is a division of Sloan Valve Company in Franklin Park, Ill. Sloan has been in operation since 1906 and produces plumbing products for commercial, industrial, and institutional markets worldwide.



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