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College cuts water usage by 25% per month with FLUSHMATE® pressure-assist toilets.

Contact: Paul DeBoo (847) 671-4300 or James Nowakowski (847)358-4848

FRANKLIN PARK, IL - By adopting an aggressive water conservation standard, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA, was able to reduce water usage at its facilities by 25% per month. The school has eight research institutes and houses 900 students and approximately 250 other employees and faculty on campus.

"Our goal was never limited to just water savings, but saving water without sacrificing performance and quality," explained Tim Williams, maintenance supervisor for Claremont McKenna College. "We didn^t initially understand that striving for low consumption/water conservation meant paying a price for performance --we had to learn the hard way."

Williams initially used gravity-type low water consumption toilets, but experienced a variety of problems. He then turned to pressure-assist, low-consumption toilets with FLUSHMATE® inside. The school installed 16 pressure-assist toilets and monitored the performance for 12 months.

The FLUSHMATE system uses pressure instead of gravity to push the contents from the bowl and delivers 1.6 gallons-per-flush at a much greater rate than that of gravity-type units. As a result, the new system eliminated all double flushing, reduced maintenance, and provided Claremont McKenna College with dramatic water savings.

"The toilet holds the key to helping reduce water shortages due to droughts and inadequate water-distribution systems," said Williams. "Here at Claremont McKenna College, the right toilets helped us achieve significant water savings WITHOUT compromising performance expectations."

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