Located in Northwest Ohio, Sauder Heritage Inn is one of the state’s best places to stay. The hotel is a unique destination for family vacations, retreats, classes, group tours, and conferences, all while offering its signature warm hospitality. Sauder Heritage Inn also features a spacious, timber-framed lobby, an indoor pool with a waterfall, and game and exercise rooms. And the hotel is just one part of the larger Sauder Village, a living history village that also includes a restaurant and bakery.

Ever since Sauder Heritage Inn opened its doors in 1994–including an addition in 2006–the hotel has specified Flushmate pressure-assisted systems in its restrooms because of their unrivaled durability, convenience, and water savings.

In total, 95 pressure-assisted toilets powered by Flushmate systems are installed throughout the hotel’s restrooms, 34 of which were recently upgraded to the new Flushmate 503 Series, a 1.6-gpf system that offers superior flushing performance while consuming 20 to 38% less water than gravity toilets on average.

The new Flushmate 503 systems have a redesigned body that is stronger and more resilient for years of service and water savings. These industry leading pressurized vessels allow for a more powerful and dependable flush to keep toilets clean. In addition, the new 503 systems are interchangeable with previous Flushmate 503 and 503H Series versions for a no-risk, no-hassle upgrade. 

Allen Richer, maintenance specialist at Sauder Heritage Inn, said the new Flushmate 503 systems have further simplified facility maintenance at the hotel while continuing the Flushmate tradition of providing premium water savings benefits.

“The Flushmate 503 Series units have performed every bit as well as expected,” Richer said. “They’ve been very trouble- and maintenance-free. You can practically install them and forget them. As the facility maintenance person at Sauder Heritage Inn, I’m very satisfied.”

While Sauder Heritage Inn installed the new 503 systems, Richer noted that the Flushmate Customer Service team was instrumental throughout the entire process, working hard to make the upgrade as seamless as possible every step of the way. 

“The warranty and product support from Flushmate has been top-notch,” he said. “It’s been rare that there are any failures within the operating mechanism. When any issues arise concerning the product, Flushmate’s Customer Service team is prepared to work through those issues with us. The service team has done a very good job taking care of us and the units we have.”

The Flushmate systems have performed every bit as well as I expected. They are trouble-free. You can practically install them and forget them. As the maintenance person at Sauder Heritage Inn, I’m very satisfied.

         Allen Richer - Maintenance Specialist, Sauder Heritage Inn