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Inside Job.

Leading Toilet Brands around the world are powered by Flushmate® pressure-assisted technology for single flush performance and water-savings.

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Every drop counts.

  • 20% less water

    Flushmate models can consume 20% to 38% less water than 1.6 gpf gravity toilets on average.

  • Fewer double flushes

    70 gallon per minute peak flow of Flushmate pressure-assisted technology clears the bowl on the first flush.

  • Water savings for life

    The flush volume will never decrease, which means water savings are sustained for the life of the fixture.

How it works.

The Flushmate system traps air as it fills with water, uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air, forces water into the bowl, and effectively pushes waste out.

  1. Water flows into the vessel
  2. Vessel ready to flush
  3. Air pressure empties the valve

Superior drain carry

Flushmate equipped toilets use pressure (versus gravity) to produce a longer drain carry, pushing waste up to 33% further than the recommendations set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Test conducted according to ANSI standard procedures as discussed in APSE Research Report 91-01.

Drain Carry

All systems go.

There's a Flushmate system to meet even the most demanding flushing needs without limiting toilet options.

Flushmate IV 504 Series
gallons per flush
1 & 2 piece
Compatible Toilet Type
Flushmate III 503H Series
gallons per flush
2 piece
compatible toilet type
Flushmate III 503 Series
gallons per flush
1 & 2 piece
Compatible Toilet Type
Flushmate upgrade kit for pressure-assisted toilets.
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Use the sustainability calculator below to see how switching to Flushmate conserves water and saves you money.

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