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Touchless. Effortless.

Improve your pressure-assisted system's hygiene and water savings with an easy-to-install touch-free sensor.

Flushmate I-Flush hands free operations

Hands-free operations for hygienic convenience.

Introducing I-Flush, a sleek and stylish solution for modern restrooms and the latest innovation in the company’s line of pressure-assisted restroom products. Packed with enhancements, the I-Flush offers improved touchless flushing operations to help reduce touchpoints and the spread of bacteria, helps diminish recurring odors, and highlights the convenience of automatic flushing.

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Compatible with all Flushmate models.

The I-Flush converts existing manual flushing toilets into hands-free sensor operated. The I-Flush is compatible with all current Flushmate models.

Not intended for use on 200, 500, 501, or 501-A series Flushmate or tanks with center push-buttons.

Does not retrofit onto gravity toilets.

Programmed just the way you like it.

I-Flush systems offer 4 flushing functions so you can customize it to your exact preferences.

  • Object detection with flush time delay Adjust the sensor to the ideal time delay (3 or 7 seconds).
  • Hand wave actuation Toilet will flush only when user waves hand in front of sensor.
  • Override button An override button replacing the handle for on-demand flushing.
  • 24-hour auto-flush Set sensor to automatically flush every 24 hours.
Flushmate I-Flush Faceplates

A smarter, sleeker design sensor with style.

At Flushmate, we understand the importance of designing lasting products that fit your space. The I-Flush's stylish wall sensor design is equipped with advanced object detection, thanks to its auto-calibration feature that automatically adjusts to the environment around it. Featuring infrared sensor technology that ensures a complete flush after each use, the easy-to-install system contains three simple parts – an on-wall sensor, adapter, and override button. With secure wireless connectivity between the sensor and flush module, users can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Available in two finish options: chrome and white.

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I-Flush is perfect for:

  • Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars
  • Strip Mall Retailers
  • Small to Medium Offices
  • Government Buildings
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Gas Stations
  • Schools and Preschools
  • Medical Offices and Facilities
  • House of Worship
  • Dormitories
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Apartments / Residential

3 simple parts, 1 simple installation.

Installs easily on to your Flushmate-equipped toilet within minutes.

  1. On-Wall Sensor

    The wall sensor offers infrared object detection, wave, and 24-hour automatic flush activation providing hygienic, hands-free flushing performance.

  2. Flush Module

    The flush module attaches to the top of the Flushmate 503, 503H, or 504 Series systems with four screws.

  3. Override Button

    Immediate flushing is available with a sleek override button that easily replaces your traditional flush handle.

On-Wall Sensor Flush Module Override Button Flushmate-equipped toilet
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I-Flush Sell Sheet

Download the I-Flush sell sheet for quick reference to features, benefits, and product options.

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Go touch-free with I-Flush