One-kit wonder.

Replace your pressure-assisted system with Flushmate®.

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Give your pressure-assisted toilet an upgrade.

  • Complete Flushmate system

    Includes the Flushmate III, 1.6 gpf system for two-piece toilets.

  • Universal handle replacement

    The new universal handle is designed for mounting on either left-handle or right-handle toilets.

  • Nuts and bolts

    Kit includes locknuts, gaskets, and necessary tools.

Upgrades this way.

The Flushmate 501A system has been discontinued. But don’t worry, we have a replacement kit designed to be seamlessly installed in your current tank.

The latest model.

Flushmate III 503 Series
Kit # M-101526-F3 (1.6 gpf)

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Switching to Flushmate is simple.

We’ve made it easy to replace other pressure-assisted brands to the Flushmate 1.6 gpf or 1.28 gpf systems.

Gerber PF/2 Energizer 150-403 1.6 gpf

Brand Models
American Standard 4142016
Crane 3612
Eljer 141-7000
Zurn EcoVantage
Peerless Peerless 1
Replacement Kit
Flushmate III 503 Series
Kit # M-101526-F31K (1.6 gpf)
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WDI EcoFlush 1.1/1.6 gpf

There's a Flushmate replacement for the following WDI EcoFlush systems: B8100 Dual Flush, B8104, B8106

Brand Toilet Tank
Zurn EcoVantage
American Standard 4142100
Crane 31612
Gerber DF28-380
Mansfield 119
Zurn 1.1 GPF Pressure-assisted tank
Replacement Kit
Flushmate III 503H Series
Kit # M-101526-F3H1K (1.28 gpf)
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