One-kit wonder.

Replace your pressure-assisted system with Flushmate®.

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One kit wonder

Give your pressure-assisted toilet an upgrade.

  • Complete Flushmate system

    Complete Flushmate system

    Includes the Flushmate III, 1.6 gpf system for two-piece toilets.

  • Universal handle replacement

    Universal handle replacement

    The new universal handle is designed for mounting on either left-handle or right-handle toilets.

  • Nuts and bolts

    Nuts and bolts

    Kit includes locknuts, gaskets, and necessary tools.

Upgrades this way.

The Flushmate 501A system has been discontinued. But don’t worry, we have a replacement kit designed to be seamlessly installed in your current tank.

Flushmate 503

The latest model.

Flushmate III 503 Series
Kit # M-101526-F3 (1.6 gpf)

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Switching to Flushmate is simple.

We’ve made it easy to replace other pressure-assisted brands to the Flushmate 1.6 gpf or 1.28 gpf systems.

Gerber® PF/2 Energizer 150-403 1.6 gpf

Brand Models
American Standard® 4142016
Crane® 3612
Eljer® 141-7000
Zurn® EcoVantage®
Peerless® Peerless 1
Replacement Kit
Flushmate 503
Flushmate III 503 Series
Kit # M-101526-F31K (1.6 gpf)
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WDI® EcoFlush 1.1/1.6 gpf

There's a Flushmate replacement for the following WDI EcoFlush systems: B8100 Dual Flush, B8104, B8106

Brand Toilet Tank
Zurn® EcoVantage®
American Standard® 4142100
Crane® 31612
Gerber® DF28-380
Mansfield® 119
Zurn® 1.1 GPF Pressure-assisted tank
Replacement Kit
Flushmate 503H
Flushmate III 503H Series
Kit # M-101526-F3H1K (1.28 gpf)
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Universal Handle Kits

Our improved handle assembly is a guaranteed improvement over existing toilet manufacturer rod and handle system.

Flushmate Universal Handle only

Engineered to work the first time, every time

Flushmates Universal Handle system eliminates any binding of the handle and internal components for a guaranteed smooth flush. They are spring loaded to return back to the proper postion and require less force than ever to aid those with accessibility needs.

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Universal Handle Only Kits available in finishes

Universal Handle Kits are available as part of our vessel upgrade kits and separately with only the handle assembly.

Flushmate Universal Handle Only
Flushmate Universal Handle Only
Flushmate Universal Handle Only
Flushmate Universal Handle Only

Upgrade to better flushing

Our Flushmate Universal Kits guarantee.

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