Toilets with FLUSHMATE® Inside Perform Better, and are the Preferred Choice of Today's Consumer!

FLUSHMATE® uses pressure instead of gravity, creating the strongest flushing action.

FLUSHMATE® III uses less than 1.6 gallons (6 liters) per flush without sacrificing performance (saves up to 20% more water than conventional technologies).

FLUSHMATE® IV uses less than 1.0 gallons (4 liters) per flush without sacrificing performance (saves up to 45% more water than conventional technologies).

Advanced Bowl Design

trapway design

FLUSHMATE®-equipped bowls are hydraulically designed to “push” contents out of the trapway instead of gravity siphoning. Siphoning requires a more complicated trapway, impeding performance. FLUSHMATE'S trapway is simple, only needing one bend.

FLUSHMATE®-equipped water closets eliminate the need to double flush because the trapway design has fewer bends.

Toilets with FLUSHMATE® use a siphon-jet bowl to meet and exceed ANSI/ASME A112.19.2M and CSA B-45 performance requirements.

largest trapway

Largest Trapway

FLUSHMATE®-equipped water closets have trapways that are specifically designed to allow waste to be extracted earlier in the flush, unlike gravity trapways, which require a choke area or siphon bend that ultimately restricts flow.

gravity diagram

Largest Water Surface Area

FLUSHMATE® equipped toilets offer the LARGEST water surface area (10" x 12" / 254 mm x 305 mm) comparable to older (3.5 gallon) models.

A LARGE water surface in the bowl reduces odors and keeps the bowl cleaner by reducing the dry surface area, thereby reducing housekeeping chores.

non sweating tank

Non-Sweating Tank

Water is contained in the FLUSHMATE® system. The result is a non-sweating toilet - so the floor around the toilet remains dry.

The additional cost of an insulated tank is not necessary.


Conventional Installation

Installs in the same standard dimensional area as a conventional water closet. A minimum of 20 psi water pressure is required for the FLUSHMATE III, 503 series and 25 psi for FLUSHMATE IV, 504 series, which is typical in residential housing.

FLUSHMATE®-equipped toilets are available in 10”, 12”, or 14” rough-in, in all popular colors.