Performance Meets Reliability

A leading affordable housing organization, Mercy Housing is redefining affordable living by working to eliminate homelessness and housing insecurity for low-income families, seniors, individuals, and people with disabilities.

With a presence in 30 states, Mercy Housing is one of the nation’s largest affordable housing organizations and strives to build a more humane world where communities are healthy and all people can develop their full potential.

And the Piñon Terrace location in Colorado is no exception. So when its pressure-assisted toilets began breaking down and leaking, the maintenance team knew it was time to make the switch to Flushmate systems, which the nearby Valle de Merced housing location had been enjoying for years.

Mercy Housing knew that it wanted to preserve the benefits of pressure-assisted toilet technology, but wanted a reliable and proven brand. As part of Flushmate’s all-inclusive One-kit Wonder, its 503H Series Pressure-Assisted System proved to be the perfect solution. Providing a seamless replacement of previous systems, the One-kit Wonder provides all the necessary products and parts to help make Mercy Housing’s Flushmate installation quick and easy. In addition to its dependable single-flush performance and water savings, the Flushmate system has proven to be more reliable than Piñon Terrace’s previous system with its streamlined technology that doesn’t require constant maintenance.

As Piñon Terrace works toward installing the new Flushmate system in each of its 66 apartment units, the housing facility will be able to consume 20% to 38% less water than standard 1.6 gpf gravity toilets on average. The Flushmate system also allows for fewer double flushes thanks to the superior single-flush performance that clears the bowl on the first flush.

The Mercy Housing team also chose to upgrade to Flushmate due to the fact that it was an ideal fit with their existing pressure-assisted toilets. The Flushmate Universal Handle Kit was adaptable to the facility’s existing pressure assist toilet tanks, making the installation easy.

“The Flushmate tanks have been a great addition to the facility, as they have taken the burden off our maintenance team, and we don’t have to worry about constantly keeping new parts in stock. We’re looking forward to installing them in the remainder of the units at Piñon Terrace.”

          Joe Richter - Facilities Manager, Merced de las Animas, Mercy Housing