How it Works

Toilets with FLUSHMATE® Inside Perform Better, and are the Preferred Choice of Today's Consumer!

Today, more and more consumers are finding that Pressure-Assisted technology developed by FLUSHMATE® will deliver the performance they were used to - while using less than the required 1.6 gallons-per-flush (6 liters).

FLUSHMATE®- equipped toilets use pressure (not gravity) and have proven themselves to be the superior alternative to gravity-type low consumption toilets.

This is what our customers are saying about the Flushmate system:

"Love the firm because I never have a stopped up toilet! I'm a Sr. Citizen and really appreciate the efficiency of the Flushmate. Thank You."

Faye B. - Alma, IL

"Wow! It super flushes! One flush, that's it! Finally, a product that works. Our plumber had to watch your troubleshooting video after he fixt it in about 15 minutes."

John C. - Childress, TX

"Everybody Should Have One."

Jon D. - Canton, MI

"Flushmate work very well. Thanks."

John F. - Bonita, CA

"Really Like The Product."

Fred F. - Bella Vista, AR

"Very happy with the performance ! Threw away the plunger!"

Elmer H. - Chagrin Falls, OH

"My three Flushmate Toilets have been installed about 15 years, and we have never had a problem with them. I installed one in my Arizona home last winter."

Eunice H. - Centralia, WA

"Our son's Father-In-Law owns a plumbing company. He and his wife installed two Flushmates in their home as recommended by me."

Chester H. - Clayton, CA

"We have three Flushmates. When we decided to exchange toilets, our plumber recommended Flushmate. We have been totally satisfied with the performance and economy of the system."

William H. - Claremont, CA

"Picked this toilet for the new bathroom because the existing toilets took too many flushes. Will now be replaced the old ones with Flushmate."

Andy H. - Buda, TX

"I like the way it performs and flushes and fills up. It doesn't overflow and the tank doesn't sweat. "

Joyce K. - Claremont, CA

"Very best toilet I have ever owned (Really!!!)"

D.K. G. - Greenwood, IN

"Stellar product. Can't imagine being W/O, Imagine being W/O. Girlfriend says it's a little loud. I explained that it's only for a few secondi and it's gone, unlike old junk toilets."

Jason L. - Canton, MI

"Love my Flushmate. Love my warranty. "

Lloyd M. - Brooklyn, NY

"Medical Building senior citizens misuse the toilets. They plug them very often and break them. Regular toilets are not the answer to the problems. 14 toilets in building will be replaced with Flushmates."

Richard M. - Beaver Falls, PA

"We have a wall-hung toilet that needed replacement. Like it or not your product was my only choice. Well, it works fine and I am a happy customer. Thanks."

John M. - Arvada, CO

"Best toilet ever for residence. Have not had to unclog toilet since it was installed. "

James M. - Ballwin, MO

"Works well. Am very pleased."

Lucien M. - Aurora, CO

"Very satisfied with units. We first installed three in 1996. Noe replaced the third and final one which lasted 15 years. Hopefully these new design ones will last my lifetime."

.J.N. B - Belleville, MI

"Have five Flushmates. With kids they are great. Can't plug them up. When strangers use the bathroom it's great. They are not expecting the Whoosh. Quite surprised. Great."

J.T. B - Bloomingdale, IL

"Previous home we put Flushmates in and had very few problems. We knew how good these toilets are."

Ronald T. - Baton Rouge, LA

"We'd be pleased to be references for the outstanding product you manufacture. We love that they are made in he USA. "

E.W. A. - Los Angeles, CA

"I love your customer service and warranty. "

Jack W. - Arlington, TX

"Happy the plumber recommended Flushmate"

Muriel Y. - Belleville, NJ

How It Works

water flows to vessel vessel ready to flush air pressure empties valve

The FLUSHMATE® system traps air and as it fills with water, it uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air inside. The compressed air is what forces the water into the bowl, so instead of the “pulling” or siphon action of a gravity unit, the Pressure-Assisted unit “pushes” waste out. This vigorous flushing action cleans the bowl better than gravity units.

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flushmate curve


There are many benefits to FLUSHMATE® performance:

  • At start of flushing cycle, water delivery is maximized to produce powerful pushing action.

  • Toward end of cycle, remaining water forms large water surface area

  • Entire cycle is approximately 5 seconds

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Superior Drain Carry Performance

drain carry

The graph shows that as water volume is decreased, drainline carry capability also decreases -- except for the toilet combinations which are achieved by flushometer tanks. Test conducted according to ANSI standard procedures as discussed in APSE Research Report 91-01.

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