Installation Requirements

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What is a FLUSHMATE® Pressure-Assisted Toilet?

The FLUSHMATE® Pressure-Assisted system is a component inside of a specially designed toilet that harnesses the pressure from the water supply line to provide the energy needed to complete the flush. The FLUSHMATE® Pressure-Assisted system cannot be retrofitted into a standard, gravity-fed toilet.

The FLUSHMATE® system traps air as it fills with water and uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air inside. The compressed air forces the water into the bowl so instead of the “pulling” or siphon action of a gravity unit, the Pressure-Assisted unit “pushes” waste out. This vigorous flushing action rinses the bowl better than gravity units.

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Installing a FLUSHMATE® Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Prior to installing a FLUSHMATE® Pressure-Assisted Toilet, it is important to flush the water supply line. Beyond that, the installation procedure is the same as with any other toilet and requires a minimum 3/8" supply line. In fact, FLUSHMATE® Pressure-Assisted Toilets are perfect for residential and commercial applications where the static pressure range is between 25 P.S.I. to 80 P.S.I. for FLUSHMATE® III and between 25 P.S.I. to 80 P.S.I. for FLUSHMATE® IV. For a very helpful guide to installing a toilet in your home, click here to visit and check out their plumbing section.

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How do I check my water pressure?

To verify sufficient water pressure you will need a large bucket (at least one gallon) and a watch or clock with a "second" hand.

  1. Close the water supply valve and disconnect the water supply line from the toilet.
  2. Place the end of the water supply line into a bucket.
  3. Completely open the supply line for 30 seconds and then quickly close it.
  4. Measure the amount of water in the bucket. If you have one gallon or more, you have sufficient water pressure.

To view other pressure requirements by model, see the above "Installing a FLUSHMATE Toilet" section.

Rough-In Dimensions

Rough-In Dimensions

Rough-In Dimension is the measurement between the bolts and the finished wall.

A = 12" is the standard

Also available in 10" and 14"

One-piece and Two-piece Toilets

Two piece toilets have a separate tank and bowl, while one-piece designs have a single, integrated tank and bowl design.

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