Hands off.

INTELLI-Flush enables touchless, electronic sensor operation of existing Flushmate units.

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Hands-free flushing.

INTELLI-Flush is ready to install on three current Flushmate-equipped systems.

Not intended for use on 200, 500, 501, or 501-A series Flushmate or tanks with center push-buttons.
Not compatible with Gerber (One-piece 21-012), Mancesa, St. Thomas, and Vitromex toilets, or Sloan Toilets with 504 Series systems.

Hands-free operations for hygienic convenience.

INTELLI-Flush reduces the spread of bacteria, diminishes recurring odors, and adds the convenience of automatic flushing. It combines all the water saving and superior performance advantages of Flushmate with the convenience of no-touch operation.

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Programmed just the way you like it.

INTELLI-Flush systems offer 4 programmable options so you can customize it to your exact preferences.

  • Automatic flush time delay Adjust the sensor to the ideal object range and time delay
  • Hand wave actuation Toilet will flush only when patron waves hand in front of sensor
  • Override An override button replacing the handle for on-demand flushing
  • 24-hour auto-flush Optional 24 hour Sentinel Flush

3 simple parts, 1 simple installation.

Installs easily on to your Flushmate-equipped toilet within minutes.

  1. On-Wall Sensor

    Position the sensor above the tank and adjust to any one of the four operating modes.

  2. Adapter

    Whether you have a 503, 503H, or 504 Series Flushmate, the right adapter is always included in your kit. Simply attach and adjust.

  3. Override Button

    On-demand flushing is available with a sleek override button that easily replaces your traditional flush handle.

On-Wall Sensor Adapter Override Button

INTELLI-Flush Sell Sheet

A complete resource for Flushmate equipped toilets, replacement systems, parts, tools, and accessories.

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