Dax Patel, owner and general manager of the Sleep Inn® in Lawton, OK, has consistently chosen pressure-assisted toilets with Flushmate inside for the past 15 years. The reasons, Patel says, are simple.

“With Flushmate systems, you get less clogging and better performance than a standard toilet,” he said. “They require essentially zero maintenance, and they continue to flush and perform well for us.”

The exceptional flushing performance is no accident. Pressure-assisted toilets equipped with Flushmate technology are engineered to deliver superior flushing performance, help eliminate double flushes, outstanding drain-line carry, and one of the largest water surfaces area that keeps the bowl clean compared to conventional toilets. In addition, Flushmate’s advanced technology is built for years of dependable operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Throughout the Sleep Inn there are a total of 62 pressure-assisted toilets with Flushmate systems installed. The superior performance of these toilets throughout the hotel’s restrooms makes a big difference every day.

Additionally, Patel emphasized that on the rare occasion when the hotel does experience an issue or have a question about the Flushmate systems, the Flushmate customer service team is always available to answer the question or help resolve the issue.

“The Flushmate customer service is very good,” Patel said. “Whatever the problem is, they fix it.”

All in all, Patel said Sleep Inn is more than pleased with its Flushmate pressure-assisted units.

“The Flushmate systems have been working well for us for years now,” Patel said. “They’re perfect for our rooms.”

Our experience with Flushmate has been great. We’ve had much less clogging and better performance with Flushmate units compared to standard toilets.

         Dax Patel – Owner and General Manager, Sleep Inn & Suites