Based in Burlington, Ontario, Landeck Properties focuses on the development and management of commercial real estate projects. With experience in the repositioning of retail, industrial, and office properties, Landeck adds value through an enhanced experience for occupants of the properties.

For over a decade, Landeck has specified pressure-assisted toilets with Flushmate 503 Series systems throughout the two commercial buildings that comprise the company’s headquarters. Currently, there are over 50 Flushmate units in the restrooms of the two buildings.

According to Fanes Hyppolite, the operations manager at Landeck Properties, the powerful pressure-assisted performance of the Flushmate 503 systems is a key factor in their preference for the product. Pressure-assisted toilets with the enhanced Flushmate 503 Series system produce up to a 25% increase in waste extraction, minimizing clogs.

“The pressure-assisted flushing technology is certainly a big factor,” he said. “The improved performance helps minimize clogs and backups in our buildings.”

In addition, Hyppolite acknowledges the water savings of Flushmate systems. They consume up to 20% (1.28 gpf) or 38% (1.0 gpf) less water than 1.6 gpf gravity toilets on average, and virtually eliminate double flushing due to more efficient waste extraction.

“Clogs are one of those things you can’t take care of on your own,” Hyppolite said. “You have to call the plumber, which is costly. Our Flushmate units have essentially eliminated clogs, saving us time and money in the process.”

Whether it’s the Flushmate system or the support staff, Hyppolite and his team have trusted Flushmate for years. The relationship between Landeck Properties and Flushmate is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the product and service Flushmate offers.

“My experience with Flushmate has been really good,” Hyppolite said. “When I need support, I call Flushmate, then we’re good to go. They’re very reliable, and their units provide a lot of power thanks to that pressure-assisted flush.”

When I need support, I call Flushmate. Flushmate systems are very reliable, powerful, and save us money.

         Fanes Hyppolite – Operations Manager, Landeck Properties