Founded by Anna C. Briggs in 1948, the Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC) in Charles Town, W.Va., is dedicated to finding loving homes for companion animals with compassionate individuals, thanks to the efforts of their team.

While dining at a local restaurant one night, BAAC’s director happened to take notice of the fast, efficient, and deliberate flushing action of one of the restaurant’s toilets. He wanted to learn more, and there was only one way to do so.

“He removed the toilet tank lid and observed a Flushmate pressure-assisted system,” said Frank Fox, facilities maintenance supervisor at BAAC. “He then instructed our maintenance department to install Flushmate-equipped toilets.”

Today, BAAC has installed pressure-assisted toilet equipped with Flushmate 504 Series systems throughout their facility. Fox highlighted that one of the key reasons BAAC has remained loyal to pressure-assisted toilets equipped with Flushmate technology is their exceptional drain-line carry. Toilets equipped with Flushmate efficiently propel waste up to 50% farther than the recommended standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

“All the units perform well,” Fox said. “The reason we replaced the original toilets was due to the frequency of clogs and time spent dealing with those. Since installing Flushmate systems, the clogged toilet problem no longer exists. I cannot remember the last time a plunger was required here.”

With extensive experience in facility maintenance at BAAC, Fox says that Flushmate pressure-assisted systems consistently fulfill their expectations of reliability and efficiency. Additionally, he added that the Flushmate customer support team has always delivered superior product support and troubleshoot guidance whenever necessary.

“The multiple Flushmate systems we use here are all high quality,” Fox said. “I normally have no desire and little time to write reviews of any product or service – however, the Flushmate product and technical support are absolutely worthy of recommendation.”

Since installing Flushmate pressure-assisted systems at our facility, our clogged toilet problem no longer exists. I cannot remember the last time a plunger was required here.

         Frank Fox – Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Briggs Animal Adoption Center