10 years, 2 months & 10 days

I love how this system "takes it down" and the sound is very satisfying, too! I loved my Gerber with the FLUSHMATE III for 10 years, 2 months & 10 days. So much, that when I sold my last house, I took it with me and installed a cheapie toilet.

Michael G. - San Jose, CA

We always specify FLUSHMATE...

My husband is a general contractor and we always specify FLUSHMATE products to our Plumber.

Helen F. - Divide, CO

We're tickled to death…

I like FLUSHMATE; they deliver what’s promised and more. Very few products can say that. It doesn’t clog, never needs more than one flush, and it stays clean. We were constantly replacing parts on our other toilets.

We're tickled to death with our new FLUSHMATE!

Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. – Bowling Green, KY

It is a Pleasure...

I have used FLUSHMATE products for about 10 years. In the past when I have had problems I have always found your customer service to be very responsive and helpful. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that provides excellent service and when your representatives say they are going to do something they do it.

It has been a joy to have your products and to deal with your company.

Thanks for all your help in the past.

Gerald C. - Fresno, CA

Highly Satisfying

Thank you very much for your detailed answers. It is hugely frustrating to deal with the tech support and customer service that most companies have -- people who follow flow charts, read from the same brochures that are already on the web, and have no technical understanding or aptitude.

It is not only highly satisfying, but creates a very positive impression of your company that I can reach someone who is intelligent and knowledgeable.

Such customer attention is not only professional and helpful, but does pay off in the long run.

Adam L. - Portland, OR

I am very pleased...

I have one FLUSHMATE in my home and I am getting ready to add an additional one in the second bathroom. I am very pleased with the operation of the system and have recommended the FLUSHMATE to several of my friends. I also love the fact that it conserves water. Thank you.

Brian B.-Douds, IA

The Perfect Flush...

My FLUSHMATE flushes perfectly. It only takes approx 30 seconds for the tank to fill and does it quietly. Thank you very much for your service. I like my FLUSHMATE toilets and gladly show how they operate to my friends or visitors to my home. Just for your information, I stayed at the Sunset Station Casino Hotel in Henderson Nevada recently and to my surprise I found they have FLUSHMATE toilets in all their hotel rooms. They have approx 1800 rooms there. I even asked one of the building maintenance men how they like the FLUSHMATE toilets, to which he replied “it was one of the best plumbing devices he has seen; no dirty tanks, no flapper and broken chain linkage to repair.” I did notice that there was absolutely no water deposit in the bottom of the tank in the room I was staying in. Thank you for manufacturing your superior product!

Richard F. – Fort Mojave, AZ

I Love It!

There is a long story that I won't bore you with, but I was in a hotel about two years ago and noticed that the toilet REALLY flushed. I took the back off the toilet and there was your logo on the unit. Last month I stayed in another hotel in St. Thomas, and there you were again. I decided to buy one. I love it!

Larry V. - Louisville, KY

8 Years and Still Going Strong...

I bought my first FLUSHMATE about 8 years ago, the store was out of boxed units, but agreed to sell me their display model, but there was a problem. They had glued the tank top down for some reason. I bought it anyway.

That was 8 years ago, I cannot take the top off, and have had no need to for all that time. This toilet services my 3 kids in their upstairs bathroom, right above the dining room table. Not a place you can tolerate overflows or leaks. I have since bought 2 more and now I ignore my toilets where before I spent at least one evening a month working on a toilet or two. If any other toilet can go 8 years without service, I'd like to see it.

I love the FLUSHMATE, really!

Dan B. - Aloha, OR

Great Product, Great Service, Great Guarantee and a Great Flushing Toilet...

I have owned two FLUSHMATE toilets for almost four years. I had a problem with one flushing and with both on the handle assembly. I e-mailed FLUSHMATE, received an acknowledgment almost immediately and within three hours had a complete e-mailed answer with a request to call them. I called, we diagnosed, and they sent me a replacement part immediately. It arrived within two days and I installed it, problem solved. The handle assembly problem was not theirs but they gave me the toll free number to call to get those free replacement parts. That was taken care of also.


Robert B. - Queensbury, NY

Thank you...

Your customer care service should be a model for other industries which continue to fail miserably, generally speaking. It has been very refreshing to call your people and acquire prompt assistance with delivery of replacement parts and installation advice. Thanks again for being a caring company.

Oscar F. - Las Vegas, NV

A Very Satisfied FLUSHMATE Customer...

I inquired about a problem I was having with my FLUSHMATE last week. I just want to thank you and your company for standing behind your product. I received my new replacement yesterday, (the day you said it would be here). I looked it over and it should be easy enough to change.

Thanks again, it is nice to see that a company will stand behind its products to the extent that your company has.

Chet A. - East Greenwich, RI

(a very satisfied FLUSHMATE customer)

The Money I Saved...

I discovered that the installation instructions were so adequate it was easy to make the decision to do it myself. Despite the fact that I’m 82 years old, the actual job of removing the old FLUSHMATE and putting in the new one was relatively simple. When the job was complete and ready to be tested, the tank filled with water and air and flushed perfectly. No adjustments were required and no leaks were encountered.

The money I saved doing the job myself motivated my helpful wife and me to go out to dinner and celebrate.

We are indebted to FLUSHMATE in promptly supplying the replacement and for the prompt delivery and very good installation instructions. Thanks very much. .

Gil S. – Clementon, NJ

I Am Recommending Your Product...

It's so nice that there are companies that still do business the way you do. Thanks so much for all your help. I am recommending your product to all my friends, family, and co-workers. In the future, if we need to replace or upgrade the fixtures in our home, we will purchase FLUSHMATE toilets.

Daniel K. - Albuquerque, NM

I Was Astounded...

I made contact with FLUSHMATE, described my problem, and with very little discussion your representative said they would send me another tank. I was astounded it would be that easy to get my problem fixed and was quite pleased with the business ethics of this company. If that wasn’t enough, I was a little worried I wouldn’t have the tools needed to remove the old tank and install the new one. Once again, this company was thinking ahead about their customers' needs and supplied the instructions and tools needed for the application.

The new tank is working fine, thanks to the instructions and tools sent by FLUSHMATE. This customer is very satisfied with your product and the way you do business. I will purchase another unit just like the one I have, to install in my other bathroom. I will look for and will not accept anything less than the FLUSHMATE system.

Robert W. – Bakersfield, CA